Our events are opportunities for people to learn about aniridia and related conditions from: us, each other and professionals in medical and related fields. For example, delegates find out how others affected by aniridia deal with it every day. The events are also a chance to contribute to Aniridia Network by sharing ideas and experiences, and/or volunteering for the organisation.

“Meeting lots of people and having a good variety of speakers made it very enjoyable and informative – helped me connect.””

“Initially I didn’t want to attend and it was hard at times. But I cannot emphasize enough how much of a positive experience attending the conference was, and on returning home actually felt sad that I had not made those connections earlier.”  – Heather

“It was great to meet people with the same condition as my daughter. I really learnt a lot. Thank you” – Dawn

Future events

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our physical or online events are required to agree with our Events code of conduct throughout. We expect cooperation from all participants to create a safe environment for everybody.

Organise a meet-up in your area

If you want to meet more people near you who are affected by aniridia how about arranging an event to do so? It is easy to do and we’ll help with the publicity. So if you would like to arrange one near you please contact us with your ideas.

Past events

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