Martin, Katie, Emily and James sitting in a row

The 2017/18 trustees at a conference

Trustees have ultimate, collective responsibility for directing the affairs of Aniridia Network, ensuring that it is: solvent, well-run, and delivering its charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it was set up.

There are legal duties and good practice to be followed, detailed in the Charity Commission guidance on the responsibilities of trustees.

Trustees are volunteers and receive no payment (other than to repay necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred).

There can be between 3 and 5 trustees of Aniridia Network who must all fulfil the general trustee role description.  The trustees can also decide who among them takes on additional duties including:

Join the trustee board

Could you lead our charity to: ensure it runs properly and enjoys success?
Don’t take it for granted that others will do it all, or even do it as well as you could. We’re seeking new people to join the current trustees on the board – how about you?

Being a trustee can be hard work, but also be very rewarding and provide opportunities for personal development and improving employability.

Trustees retire by rotation which means the usual tenure 3 years can be shorter or longer depending on circumstances. A trustees can also step down if necessary.

If you would like to be a trustee fill out the trustee nomination and declaration form.

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