Comments policy

We encourage you to leave a comment on our blog posts or social media pages. We enjoy interacting with you. Anyone can comment. In fact, your comments can be the basis for a new blog post, so do make sure you let our bloggers know that they stimulated you enough to respond

In return, we only ask that you be respectful with what you write. In order to maintain the integrity of our blog/account, any comments may be moderated.

Ideally, your comment will be under 200 well-chosen words with paragraphs –  whitespace makes the content easier to read on a computer screen.

To ensure that comments enhance and not detract from the blog. We’ve created a formal comment policy.


All comments on our website are passed through spam filtering technology; We currently use Akismet and may also use other plugins. Far from perfect, this occasionally blocks legitimate messages – known as false positives. If your comment doesn’t appear within 36 hours and it does not break these policies, it may have been incorrectly flagged as spam – contact us to ask.

Comments are post-moderated. Unless automatically flagged as spam comments should be published immediately. We try to review comments regularly but do not guarantee to do so. We are volunteers with days jobs so it may take us a while. Please do not resubmit your comment if it does not appear right away or it we take us time to respond.

If you feel a published comment breaks our comment policy please contact us.

Content and language

This website and our social media has a family audience. Visual impairment and disability generally can be an emotive subject. People have a wide range of deeply personal, strong sensibilities and opinions about it. Fair comment and debate is welcome, but question the content, not the author. The following will be removed by Aniridia Network

  • Personal or private information (including family names according to our naming people policy)
  • Potentially libellous comments
  • Obscene or sexually explicit comments.
  • Hateful or mean-spirited, personal attacks, insults, or threatening language.
  • Plagiarized material or material that violates intellectual property rights.
  • Private, personal information published without consent.
  • Commercial promotions or spam.
  • Comments that are off-topic or that link to material that is off topic.
  • Comments that embed images from external sources without consent.
  • Comments that violate any law.

If an entry gets you fired up, excited, or makes you think so deeply that the words pour from you like an overflowing fountain, why don’t you submit it to us as a follow-up blog post. We may even suggest this rather than approving your comment. Or you could put it on another blog and trackback. If trackback is disabled, you are welcome to leave a comment summarizing your entry with a link to continue reading it.

We may reject your comment and suggest it would be more suitable for another place – for example, a general question is suitable for a mailing list.

Commenters shall indemnify and hold Aniridia Network, its employees, officials agents or independent contractors harmless against any claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees in defending or compromising actions brought against Aniridia Network arising out of, or related to, the acts or omissions of theirs, in connection with matters arising as the result of a comment.

Linking To Your Site and Others

Please do contribute links of value. Excessive and/or inappropriate links will be removed. Any comment with more than two links will be held in the moderation queue, Comments with more than four links could be marked as spam.

Some tips for linking:

  • Do it properly. Use tags like this:
    <a href="URL">Link text</a>
  • Use descriptive link text
    • Good:
      <a href="...">Google’s homepage</a>
    • Bad:
      <a href="...">click here</a>
  • Keep the link text brief (6 words or less)

Double check your links, because any link which returns an error, leads to a site under construction, or cannot be loaded by the browser will be removed.


Adding a signature is completely optional. If you decide to include one, please keep it short (2 line maximum) and do not include a link to your website.

You are welcome to add your website’s link in the designated URL box just below your name and e-mail address and your name will automatically be hyperlinked.

Don’t put link text such as a website name in the name box. We really don’t feel like addressing someone as “Cool site name” when responding to a comment.  If you do, we’ll either modify it to say your name or delete the reference to your website.

Email addresses

Use a valid email address when commenting on the blog. It will not be displayed unless you type it in the body of your comment (which we will usually edit out). We may use your email address to contact you in relation to a comment if a private response is useful.

If you use an invalid e-mail address or one which requires any type of human interaction to confirm you are not a spammer, your comment will be deleted — no exceptions.

Editing comments

We reserve the right to edit or delete comments as we feel necessary. Blatant spelling and grammatical errors will be edited. Significant edits will be notated by us at the end of the comment.

If your comment conveys a coherent thought, it may just be edited; tirades will most likely be deleted. At no time will we attempt to alter the core meaning of a comment.

Subscribing to comment email notifications

To receive notification of comments left after yours, it is essential that you provide a valid and working e-mail address. You must also tick the box next to “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail” before submitting your comment.

You will not be subscribed to a mailing list as a result of subscribing to comments.

Final words

You, and only you, are responsible for your words. They are yours and you get to keep them, however, by posting your comments to the blog you are granting Aniridia Network the right, in perpetuity, to use, alter, and/or display them however we see fit.

Failure to follow these policies and respect fellow participants on this blog could result in removal from and blocking of access to it.

We are bound to run into something that is really pushing our editorial guidelines – that’s called “the grey area”. We will generally err on the side of common sense and/or safety for our organisation,  our members, our readers and other stakeholders.

Lastly, this comment policy may be updated without notice. Check back from time to time.

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