Matt on a hill standing holding his bike over his headIf you want to do an amazing feat in aid of Aniridia Network, create your own sponsorship/donation page at Everyclick or JustGiving.

If you are celebrating, maybe getting married or a birthday, and you don’t want to receive presents then please consider setting up such as page and asking family and friends to make a donation on your behalf instead.

There are many others ways you can raise money for us, big and small. Here’s one:

Give As You Live. Thousands of stores will donate money to us when you shop online, at no cost to you. Find out more.

A few other ideas are outlined below but you don’t have to choose one of these, let your imagination run wild!

  • James by Lyn 01Sponsored run/walk/swim/cycle/abseil: Take part in a sporting event or organise your own and collect sponsorship money for Aniridia Network.
  • Coffee morning: This can be adapted for work, school or just for socialising with friends. Make some cakes or buy some, take them to work and sell them to colleagues to brighten up their coffee break.
  • Organise a games night: Some ideas include a bingo night, charity race night, a raffle, charity auction or karaoke competition.
  • Baby photo competition: Another great idea for work. ask everyone to bring in photos of themselves as babies or young children. Ask everyone to make a small donation to enter the competition to try and guess who is in each photo. Buy a prize for the winner and donate the rest of the money to Aniridia Network.
  • Crafting: Get together with a group of friends and make items to sell such as homemade Christmas cards or knitted items. Sell them at school, work or a local event.
  • Teddy Bear’s Picnic: A great activity for young children. Charge a small fee to attend the picnic with a teddy, provide food and drink and organise teddy themed games and activities.
  • PennyWars: Collect some large see-through jars or bottles: Give one to each team and ask them to compete to see who can collect the most pennies throughout a week. Teams can be made from departments at work, classes at school etc. To add extra spice to the competition teams can add coins or notes which are not pennies to rivals jars. These are deducted from the teams total but are still donated adding extra interest to the competition and helping to raise more money.

If you are planning to get fit, stop a habit or attempting an amazing feat this year why not get sponsored for Aniridia Network to do it? If a collection, cake sale or car wash is more your thing then we would appreciate that too.  

If you want to get involved contact us

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