Meet-up in Bristol on 5 October 2013

4:30pm, Terrace Bar/Coffee Shop, Bristol City Centre Marriot Hotel, 2 Lower Castle Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS1 3AD

NigelAnyone affected by aniridia, including relatives are invited to join us in Bristol to find out more about each other and discuss aniridia related topics.

We are holding an aniridia meet-up at 4:30pm on 5 October at the Bristol City Centre Marriot Hotel. It’s immediately after the Nystagmus Network Open Day also taking place in the hotel. Beware that the Bristol Marriot Royal Hotel is a different place!

JennyLike previous events it’s going to be a “really interesting night”. Jenny and Nigel, two adults with WAGR/11p deletion syndrome and aniridia respectively and both trustees for Aniridia Network UK will be your hosts.

Keith, who came to a previous meet up in London said about it: “In one evening, I learnt so much. For the first time felt I have peers who understand my condition – in many cases a hell of a lot better than I do. For the first time I felt supported.”

This is a fringe event of the Nystagmus Network Open Day which is described as “your chance to talk to people of all ages who have nystagmus, are parents of children with nystagmus or have a professional interest in nystagmus as teachers, orthoptists, optometrists, rehab workers, etc.”

“You can speak to medics, researchers and other professionals in an informal setting, including members of the nystagmus research teams from Cardiff, Leicester and Plymouth. You can join in discussion groups on topics such as nystagmus and education or employment.”

We encourage you to also book a place at the Open Day. but you can come to just our meet-up if you want.

The hotel bar at The aniridia meet-up will be a relaxed social event. Children are welcome. The hotel is only half a mile from Bristol Temple Meads, the main train station. It is free to attend. You can buy your own food and drinks at the bar as you wish. Some people will be leaving around 7pm but any remaining can stay or move on to the Harbourside area of Bristol for dinner.

If you have any questions or need help joining the group on the day contact Nigel on 07969 446 921.

If you want to come, email as soon as possible so we know how large a space to reserve. We’ll put up some signs with our logo to advertise our table. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

If you can’t come, how about organising a meet-up of your own? There’s a real appetite around the country for get togethers – it just needs someone to set a good time and place. Even better make it a fun and fundraising activity for ANUK too! Contact us for details of how we can help you make it happen near you.

About Aniridia Network

A charity support group for people with the genetic visual impairment aniridia and their families in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is that people with/associated with aniridia are hopeful, confident, supported and well informed regarding aniridia. Founded in 2000. First registered as a charity in 2011 and fully in 2018.
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