2nd European Conference on Aniridia

When: 19-20 September 2014
Where: Veneto Eye Bank Foundation, Venice, Italy

The European aniridia conferences are a combination of a scientific convention, official meetings and social events.

At the main scientific event, physicians and researchers, will present and discuss aniridia research and care. These will be the world’s foremost experts on aniridia. The language will be in advanced English and on a rather high medical technical level. Non-professionals are welcome to listen in but not get involved.

On the Saturday afternoon, some of the professionals will address aniridia patients and parents to meet and learn from each other. They will summarise the outcomes of the conference and focus on key topics.

Read the diary of what happened at the 1st European Conference on Aniridia in Oslo in 2012.

On Sunday 21st Aniridia Europe will hold its General Assembly for representatives of the member aniridia associations.

Other events and social activities may also be organised for those affected by aniridia.

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