Pupil passports

A passport is a simple and practical guide to help people understand the needs of a child with special needs.

It contains personal information about the child, such as their medical condition, ways in which it affects their everyday life and then offers solutions. It should not be a negative list of a child’s additional needs.

Passports can:

  • help new staff to quickly understand the child’s needs.
  • be used for a person of any age.
  • be reviewed regularly – at least every year or six months if the child is very young.
  • be used whenever a child starts at a new place such as nursery, child-minder, school, college, club
  • give children a voice in how they want to be treated.
  • have any format, handwritten or computer generated.
  • be made by anyone who knows the child well.

It is important to involve the child from the beginning on what they want to be included. They often know best what would be a good solution for them. Children at secondary level and beyond could create their own passports.

Whatever the design it should be attractive, accessible and positive, not full of jargon or confidential information.

Aniridia Network UK has produced the following passports resources for you to use:

  • Sample for 0-2 years old
  • Template for 0-2 years old (.doc)
  • Sample for 2-5 years old
  • Template for 2-5 years old (.doc)
  • Sample for 5+ years old
  • Template for 5+ years old including page for subjects (.doc)

If you are a member of ANUK and would like copies of these or have any other education questions contact our Education Adviser at education@aniridia.org.uk.

Secondary school subjects

For secondary aged pupils, in addition to a general pupil passport, pages about specific subjects may be useful.

Geography / Maths

If a diagram, or map is enlarged the measurer (eg ruler) also has to be enlarged, the same amount,

Physical education, games, swimming

Fluorescent balls and beanbags
Balls, beanbags with bells inside
Swimming pools can be confusing, with poor acoustics and bright lights

Art / Technology

When cutting, it is useful to have a thick black guideline.

Design Technology

Help to be safe with tools and to use them in the right place.


Help to read measurements on gauges and thermometers etc


Official large print version of question paper – enlargements take up too much space.
A copy of the original is useful to double check against.

Break times

Finding friends can be difficult. Having a designated meeting place is helpful.

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