European Aniridia Conference 2020

European Aniridia Conference logo July/August 2021 in London

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This is the only European forum for discussing the medical aspects of aniridia. It accelerates the development of better treatments and hugely improves patient care. It is primarily for doctors, scientists from around the world but patients and relatives are very welcome too.

“There are a number of exciting possibilities for the treatment of aniridia now arising from research. The conference will examine the possibilities and how the research in areas such as stem cell therapy and drugs might move from the lab to the clinic.
– Consultant Ophthalmologist.

Growing understanding of aniridia is challenging, due to the limited and distributed patient population, its highly variable impact on people and the complications of linked conditions.

The panel of experts seated on the stageSo every 2 years, in a different city, the event attracts over 70 of the best ophthalmologists, researchers, vision scientists and geneticists from around the globe. They give formal presentations about their pioneering surgery and experiments relating to aniridia.

People with aniridia also attend to share their perspectives and disseminate the learning gained in their own countries.

Together they form a winning community focused on finding effective treatments for all aspect of aniridia.

The conference will only be possible with sponsorship and donations from various sources. Contact us to help us solve the medical challenges of aniridia.together.

Aniridia Network Conference

The event also includes the regular Aniridia Network Conference 2021 and Annual General Meeting on , which is aimed at patients and their families in the UK.

The audience watching a presentation


Woman at lecturn

Dr Ngozi Oluonye

For people affected by aniridia, the best part of our conferences is:

  • other people, having never met anyone else with aniridia.
  • the social sessions worked really well as I find it hard to approach and speak to people I don’t know.
  • benefiting from and meeting the speakers, experts in visual impairment, was very helpful for my children with their development and education needs.
  • being with others with the same visual impairment – very reassuring and supportive.
  • so much information that you can’t easily find it from other services.
  • meeting and relating to a group of people with the exact same condition/conditions as myself, and hearing their experiences

Being at there makes me feel

  • there are so many opportunities for my daughter out there.
  • better informed, part of a great community, more hopeful
  • uplifted and proud to be part of Aniridia Network
  • really positive and thoughtful.
  • positive, connected, hopeful, informed, gave me direction

To people who have not come before I say:

I highly encourage new parents to attend as it gives them a place to express their worries and get more answers than any other service.

come to meet people with same conditions/relations with people with aniridia, consultants/doctors and basically enjoy yourselves. It’s worth coming as it’s interesting, informative and enjoyable.