Our events are aimed at patients and their families in the UK.

Woman at lecturn
Dr Ngozi Oluonye

For people affected by aniridia, the best part of our conferences is:

  • other people, having never met anyone else with aniridia.
  • the social sessions worked really well as I find it hard to approach and speak to people I don’t know.
  • benefiting from and meeting the speakers, experts in visual impairment, was very helpful for my children with their development and education needs.
  • being with others with the same visual impairment – very reassuring and supportive.
  • so much information that you can’t easily find it from other services.
  • meeting and relating to a group of people with the exact same condition/conditions as myself, and hearing their experiences

Being at there makes me feel

  • there are so many opportunities for my daughter out there.
  • better informed, part of a great community, more hopeful
  • uplifted and proud to be part of Aniridia Network
  • really positive and thoughtful.
  • positive, connected, hopeful, informed, gave me direction

To people who have not come before I say:

I highly encourage new parents to attend as it gives them a place to express their worries and get more answers than any other service.

come to meet people with same conditions/relations with people with aniridia, consultants/doctors and basically enjoy yourselves. It’s worth coming as it’s interesting, informative and enjoyable.

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