Aniridia around the world

Aniridic Family

A place to ask questions and discuss aniridia with people on Faacebook

Aniridia Foundation International

Aniridia Foundation International is a USA based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to assisting those with low vision or blindness due to the genetic  eye disease aniridia. Their members consist of those with aniridia, their families, physicians, researchers, and teachers from all around the world.

Vision For Tomorrow Foundation

Parents with children with low vision and insatiable researchers funding research that leads to better treatments or prevention of ocular issues children face. Based in the USA

Aniridia Europe

A federation of European aniridia associations and representatives, including Aniridia Network UK that aims to:

  • collaborate in spreading proper and correct information on aniridia and the best available treatments
  • support and inspire research by creating scientific interest on aniridia and associated illnesses and connecting professionals both at local and international level
  • promote the development of national and international guidelines on aniridia
  • encourage people affected by aniridia to create associations in other countries

International WAGR/11p Deletion Syndrome Association

ISWSA is support group for everyone affected by WAGR/11p deletion syndrome. The group is open to anyone around the world including those in the UK.