About blog

As its name suggests the Aniridia Network UK blog is a place for people in the UK, who have or are connected to the eye condition aniridia. We want such people to contribute their experiences or opinions relating to aniridia.

This includes:

  • Patients’ tales of success or struggle with doctors, school, work or social lives
  • Parents’ accounts of bringing up children with aniridia and the feelings it generates.
  • Medical staff talking about their research or appointments with patients
  • Education professionals sharing techniques on supporting learning
  • Welfare experts advising on available support
  • Other agencies that provide useful services.

Do you have a story to tell or a view to air? Send us an article to post!

Aniridia Network UK (ANUK) also uses the blog to publish news about its activities.

What this blog is for

We are primarily about people. This sharing of knowledge and insight will bring many people together for common good.

We are providing this place to give more permanence and prominence to useful writing that is often hidden away on mailing lists, emails or newsletters. It is also a place for content that is too long for the ANUK Twitter or ANUK Facebook presence – though we’ll still promote it there! And we hope it will spur the writing of new material that would otherwise never exist.

The ability for everyone to comment on the posts will further develop our understanding of: aniridia, the individuals affected by it and the UK aniridia community as a whole. Ours can be a emotive topic so we have developed a comments policy as well as blog content policies.

Periodically we may also use the some of the blog posts and comments in our newsletter.

Please get involved with this blog. It is for you and about you. You will make it a success.

We’d love to hear what you think about this blog. Please post your feedback as comments using the form below or email us.

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