Aniridia poem competition UK results

We are elated to announce the winner plus the awarding of a special prize in our Aniridia Day related poetry competition.

“I was impressed with the outstanding talent.” said judge and new trustee Emily. We were delighted to receive 10 poems, as hoped a range of types, with different sentiments and from patients, parents and friends of all ages.

The judging panel, trustees Katie, Emily and Martin picked Katherine’s poem as the best, because it referred to many aspects of our condition and the spirit of Aniridia Day. She has won £20 of Amazon vouchers and her poem will be submitted to the international poetry competition where it could win a further 25 Euros.

Katherine said “I’m so thrilled my poem was liked and won! This is the first time I’ve ever shared one of my poems before in public so I was nervous!”

In addition, 9 year old Ellie wrote a lovely acrostic poem that got more than 43 Likes on Facebook. To recognise this the judges decided to award her a special £10 Amazon voucher prize! Ellie is really pleased that everyone liked her poem. She is absolutely thrilled with this news and she is very proud of herself.

Thank you to everyone who wrote poems, for spreading awareness and understanding of aniridia. We hope you and everyone else will take part in ‘Shining Success‘ the next part of the Aniridia Day 2017 campaign.

All the poems entered into the UK competition are below starting with the winning two.

Congenital Aniridia


Aniridia is congenital in my family tree.
My mother, my daughter , and yes even me!
The cause PAX6 a faulty gene.
A condition most doctors have never seen.
With eight different eye conditions I am registered blind.
Using a cane or guide dog, my mobility i’ve been able to find.
Nystagmus, ptosis, cataract and photophobia.
Keratitis, diseased corneas and myopia.
Diagnosed with and treated. All these conditions i have got.
Due to this i have to visit my eye specialist a lot!
Sometimes this rare condition can make you feel alone!
But now thanks to the aniridia community I know I’m not on my own!
So please on this first ever Aniridia Day!
Let’s celebrate our uniqueness in each and every way!

By Katherine

Follow your dreams

9 year old girl


Aniridia does not mean you cannot follow your dreams!
No irises sometimes mean that things are much brighter!
If it’s a sunny day sunglasses and a hat help me play!
Running is tricky when you can’t see well, but my friends always guide me safely until we hear the school bell.
In the dark I use a cane, because bumping into things causes pain!
Discos are dark, so it’s hard to see, but I love dancing so everyone helps me!
In class I sit at the front so I don’t miss a thing!
And sometimes my eyes will sting, so I just put some eyedrops in!

By Ellie, age 9

The complete set of poems we received are:

Through my two eyes.

From birth to toddler, to many more years.
I wear glasses upon my ears.
Enlarged font to make it clear.
Front of the class to accomplish my work.
Those so grand for always giving a helping hand.
Sunglasses on when it’s sunny and bright to protect my eyes from the beautiful light.
Darkness falls and torches are lit.
Guiding me is the key to help me see and feel free.
So let life be and don’t judge me.

By Abigayle


It was at your 20 week antenatal scan
They asked to do a more detailed one, if they can.
Shadows in your eyes they started to say.
But they couldn’t be definite or explain
All I knew was you were happy in my tummy
At least 4 times a day your hiccups would be
Due date came and went without much fuss.
You knew we wanted you to wait until after Christmas.
But A whole week your birth delayed
On arrival a bouncing 7lb 4oz you weighed.
So sleepy you barely noticed a thing
As they were poking and prodding .
No red reflex or pupil dilation.
See the eye doctor for more examination.
But my beautiful baby from head to toe
Already how I loved you so
Doesn’t matter to me
If you’re eyes aren’t like most
You’re still my precious boy to boast.
A week later we all went to see the doc
To hear aniridia was expected but cataracts was the shock
Off to Southampton eye unit to see the top man
Still a newborn but he said ‘I can”
At 9 and 10 weeks old you had the cataracts taken out
It was the right thing to do of that there was no doubt.
Yes there will be doctors and eye drop after drop
But just like others the fun in life will never stop
So when you are older and you are thinking why aniridia why me.
Just know that it’s part of you and we love all of you completely.

By Pearl

Rainbows aren’t everything

Iris, they tell me, is the old word for a rainbow.
So we are denied our rainbows. So what?
We can still have them in our imagination.
As for the real world, we can smell a flower,
Sense the presence of a friend
And share a walk with a loving dog like Ava.
We can feel the sunshine warm on our skin,
Taste a dish of food thoughtfully prepared
And listen to music.
After all, rainbows aren’t everything, are they?

By Lynda


Doctor Doctor

Doctor doctor in the recovery room.
Shining your torch so soon.
Into my eyes one then the other.
Then he starts to mutter.
But i’m not brain dead.
I’ve just got aniridia instead.

Aniridia, a parents tale.

Proud parents full of excitement and joy
Love abounds for our new baby boy.
Then the world stands still and darkness falls
We held our breath as aniridia calls.
But life carries on and our son’s a delight
He’s strong and brave despite his sight.
He fills our life with love and joy
And love abounds for our grown up boy.

By Lyn

The Shades

The Shades close
Iris is absent each day,
Her absence raises my pressure.
Turn down the light Iris,
Still the pupil refuses.
When Iris is present
The pressure’s controlled.
Iris sort out the light –
It’s so dim in here.
The pupil tries to work-
Hindering movements.
The light will not stop flickering.
Iris steady the light.
Darkness abounds, Iris is gone.
I ask the pupil
What colour is the rainbow?
Iris answers without colour.
Rapid motions of the globe.
I must close the blind
To lower the pressure,
Alas there is darkness
For Iris is gone.
I hear gushing water,
Is there a cataract Iris?
What is blocking the view Iris?
Rapid flickering.
My hearing can’t interpret the sounds.
Pressure rises,
Iris is gone.
Both pupils sigh!
The shades close thrusting
The world into darkness.

By Eleanor

A Special Moment

Across the wide road I could hear the sea
So to the traffic lights for me
While waiting my turn I could see, yes see
A tiny green bike on my right
Yes on the traffic light was a little green bike
It was at just the right heigh to come into my sight
Well it made my day to see that little green bike on the traffic light.

By Gill

Begone Aniridia

Awareness of aniridia we had not
Now networking happy days more we have
Investment sadly we have not
Research and development urgently we crave
In these troubled times of monies not
Dedication of medics volunteers and sufferers so brave
In your hearts and pockets please monies got
Advancing with hope and enthusiasm we rave

And forward we hop
Network ideas, lots to achieve
Inward outward everywhere we bop
Raising funds urgently – talk on the airwave
Into schools colleges and clubs we trot
Deep pockets 2, coffee mornin’s a fav
In flows the monies for R & D to prop
Aniridia – begone – loudly we dream to believe

By Marion

Through my two eyes

From birth to toddler, to many more years.
I wear glasses upon my ears.
Enlarged font to make it clear.
Front of the class to accomplish my work.
Those so grand for always giving a helping hand.
Sunglasses on when it’s sunny and bright to protect my eyes from the beautiful light.
Darkness falls and torches are lit.
Guiding me is the key to help me see and feel free.
So let life be and don’t judge me.

By Abigayle

About Aniridia Network

A charity support group for people with the genetic visual impairment aniridia and their families in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is that people with/associated with aniridia are hopeful, confident, supported and well informed regarding aniridia. Founded in 2000. First registered as a charity in 2011 and fully in 2018.
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    Excellent standard

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