Edinburgh guide dog training: Day 7

Today was much cooler so we headed of into the city centre on the bus to walk in some of the busier areas and also to feed my latte addiction. I had to settle for Costa rather than Starbucks but it was my first latte for a few days so I wasn’t complaining. Once I had drunk my bucket sized latte we headed down the main shopping street and then out of town.

Beth and Annie striding along with Arthur's Seat and Scottish Parliament in the background

It was a nice long stretch going past the Arthur’s Seat and the Scottish Parliament and then into a more suburban areas. It was a good chance for Annie and I to stretch our paws/legs and really stride out over a longer distance. I had been having cabin fever from being stuck in the hotel and from the weeks that I have been walking slowly with a cane. It felt amazing just to be out there in the fresh air just gliding along because of the big stretches of open pavements. As much as I enjoy being in busy environments I think I enjoy really striding out even more. We were out for 2 and a half hours and we caught the bus for the last stretch to the hotel.

When we got off the bus Annie was still raring to go and I had to tell her to ‘steady’. It is definitely making me want to try walking from my work to home with Annie now I know the route. It is roughly 5 miles but there are 2 metro stops on the way.

In the afternoon we went to Asda to do some right sholder work and to Pets at Home to take back the tug toy which broke in under 48 hours. In Asda we did lots of turns left and right, it is a huge Asda so there was plenty of aisles to work up and down. I did well following Annie but I keep having to remember to slow down to a pace where I am not going to injure myself or other people because I am walking too fast for the environment we are in. It has always been a challenge for me to slow down in lots of things I do in my life.

After each walk I have been trying to get Annie to shake by rubbing her fur and patting her. My GDMI has been giving me a bit of time then 3 seconds for her to shake before he has a go. I haven’t managed it for the last couple of days but he has. I reckon it is all the hard work I put in before, just like when you can’t open a jar and someone else does it first time. He tried the technique on me but I didn’t shake either – LOL

Pets at Home changed Annie’s toy with no questions asked. The toy had two ropes which had been glued together and come apart when we were playing tug. We picked out a similar toy from the same range so we will see how long that lasts.

An update on the cheesecake situation was that we finally managed to eat the ginger and white chocolate after reserving one each when we ordered our main course but after that they only had two left. We wait with baited breath to find out what the next cheesecake of the day is.

Beth sitting on wall with Annie at her feet

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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