Edinburgh guide dog training: Day 8

Annie rocks at Rock Choir

I am a member of Rock Choir in Newcastle. There are Rock Choirs right across the UK. We sing rock, pop, Motown and gospel. I just love the atmosphere and the buzz of singing in a very unique, feel good choir.

When I knew I would be up in Edinburgh for just over 2 weeks I asked my leader Rob if he could ask Elaine, leader of the Edinburgh choirs, if I could go along. I wanted to see how Annie coped, with support from my trainer. Elaine kindly agreed to let us come along which is how we ended up at Rock Choir in Edinburgh last night.

Annie at Rock ChoirWhen we arrived I settled Annie down at the side of my chair and got chatting to some of the lovely ladies in the soprano section. We warmed up and then practiced ‘When you’re gone.’ All the choirs are practicing it for a world record attempt at the end of June.

Not only do we sing we also dance – or in my case attempt to dance. My two left feet get very mixed up. Apparently at first Annie was looking around at everyone probably thinking ‘I’m sure someone is going to stand on me soon. My mum already does that in the room when she is walking around let alone when she’s doing those funny moves.’ and then she went to sleep! For the first song all she did was chill out. Truly amazing given that we have only been together a week.

I listened to some of the songs which we haven’t done and one of them was ‘Where you lead I will follow’. If you listen to the words of the first verse I think they are very apt for a guide dog partnership. Here’s the youtube video of Rock Choir singing it at Wembley.

Interestingly when I was sat and other people were stood up dancing she was more interested than when I was up busting some moves.

The last song we practiced was ‘Oh Happy Day’. As I was singing Annie looked up at me and wagged her tail. My heart melted with love and pride at how well she had done. She’s obviously a girl who knows her taste in music.

After the rehearsal I gave her lots of fuss and we had some people come up and introduce themselves. They gave her a little fuss which I think she more than deserved after being such a superstar.

We are hoping to go back again next week before we head back down to Newcastle.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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1 Response to Edinburgh guide dog training: Day 8

  1. june allan says:

    missing you at newcastle. look forward to your return and meeting annie your new dog.

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