Edinburgh guide dog training: Day 6

Day 6 started with visitors.  One of the other people on class had a chance meeting with a gentleman staying in the hotel who was doing the marathon to raise money for Guide Dogs. We agreed that it would be good for him to meet us and our dogs so we asked him to pop down to the student lounge.  It turns out he had run 4 marathons this week and had done lots of fundraising for Guide Dogs.  He had a chat to us all and had his photo taken with us and our dogs to put up on his fundraising page.  It’s really nice to be able to say thank you to the people who raise lots of money and I am sure it was nice for him to see where the money he raises goes.

After that Paula the manager for the north came to watch us working and say hello. The others hadn’t met Paula but I had already as she qualified Connie and I. She worked with us on Northumberland Street and she also came out to withdraw Connie and do the paperwork to put me back on the list.  We did the walk in the opposite direction to what we had done previously.  Annie was quite distracted by dogs, the beach and the park.  There was also one point where she indicated the kerb and I thought she needed a busy but it was actually a bin that was in the way.  She worked well and I feel that I am getting better at giving her corrections.  It feels a bit wierd after not doing them for so long because Connie was very sensitive and hated being told off.  I also think that my turns feel a bit more natural than they were doing.  There is still a lot to remember and work on.

In the afternoon we did a short walk from the hotel with some off kerb obstacles.  She was much less distracted and did well at indicating except for one obstacle that she tried to go under.  We also did some obedience on the grass practicing her sit and wait, then down and stay, and also bringing her to heal by my side.  I think I need to practice a bit because I am so out of practice.

Before tea I went to the gym (I am training for a 10km run at the end of July) and then I practiced my Rock Choir songs.  Annie didn’t even move and was fast asleep throughout so I think she will be fine on Wednesday when we go to practice.  At tea we have had a running joke about the cheesecake of the day which has been apple since we arrived.  Today the cheesecake was ginger and white chocolate, we all ordered the cheesecake and waited with anticipation only to be told it had sold out.  I can’t wait to see what the cheesecake of the day is tonight.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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