Dealing with hard to see small coins

1p and 5p coinsOne of the things I struggle with is due to my visual impairment, is quickly identifying coins when paying for things.

I get flustered and often hand over the wrong coins because I’ve mistaken a 10p for a 50p. To avoid this, I tend to hand over a bank note or larger denomination coin and let the cashier give me change.

The problem is that I then end up with a wallet full of many small coins – making the problem of finding the right coins even harder next time! It also makes my wallet bulky and heavy.

So I regularly take out all of the 1, 2 and 5 pence coins from my wallet and put them in jars.

The 2 pence coins I can get rid of and have some fun with – by putting them in the pusher machines at the seaside. Of course, I’ve never won anything though!

The 1 and 5 pence coins are harder to get rid of, however. Neither I or a cashier wants to count them and there is not enough to take to a bank. A quick Google gave me the answer.

So now when I need to pop out for bread or milk, I head to the local supermarket with all my small change. When paying I go to the self-checkout machine and feed in all my coins! It laps them up and does the counting automatically. Obviously, another option is to find a charity collection tin to put them in!

Problem solved.

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