New Treasurer and bank

We have a new Treasurer. Emily Nash took up the role at the start of March 2017.

Trustees Katie, James and Martin voted to co-opt Emily on to the Board at their February meeting. The post had been vacant for several months after the previous holder, Ben stepped down due to lack of time.

EmilyEmily says “I qualified as a physiotherapist and now work as a Clinical Quality Manager for a national private rehabilitation company. I have two small children who both have aniridia and I live with them and my husband just outside Cardiff. I love the countryside in Wales and have a mountain view from our house. I enjoy spending time with my family and getting outdoors as much as possible.”

“I decided to volunteer for ANUK as I wanted to meet more people with the condition. Prior to my son being born in 2014 I had not met anyone of a similar age who had aniridia. This role will also give me the opportunity to learn more about the running of the charity and offer me the opportunity to learn new skills that will be good both for my own personal development and my career.”

“I have sporadic aniridia and was registered severely sight impaired in 2016. I have had glaucoma for over 10 years that has been controlled with medication. I have had surgery for cataracts and a stem cell transplant on my cornea.”

Chairperson Katie, said “We are really pleased to welcome someone new on to the team, bringing different skills, ideas and perspectives. We can now push forward several initiatives that have been on hold while we lacked a Treasurer”.

The trustees are jointly responsible for all aspects of running the Aniridia Network UK charity. As Treasurer, Emily’s focus is on the financial issues.

She has made a great start with her first task of finding better banking services. ANUK has banked with CAF Bank run by the Charities Aid Foundation for the last 6 years. However we’ve found several issues with their online banking facilities, means of making deposits money and paper based administration of signatories. Lately they have started charging £5 per month for their services.  We have also just closed our old Co-op Bank account to simplify our finances.

Emily surveyed the market and identified Lloyds Bank account for charities as the most suitable – being free and having high street branches where fundraised money can be paid in. We were pleased to hear too, that the online banking system is accessible for screenreader users which our officials often are.

We have opened an account and will trial the service to see if we should switch to it. We also hope to get a debit card so we can make payments online as an organisation – to avoid the hassles of invoices and volunteer expenses claims.

Emily is now familiarising herself with the charity’s systems, accounts and legal requirements. Her next task will be to allocate our funds into categories for every day use, reserves and medical research. We are also considering the idea of setting up a small grants scheme. Along with Trustee Martin, she will also be responsible for improving our fundraising activities.

Martin, Trustee and Head of Volunteering and Development said “We are very grateful to Emily for using her time to help ANUK. It’s only with people like her that we can give people affected by aniridia, plus those who work with them, the support they need. I hope others will be inspired to pitch in, to help us do this more and more.”

The trustees plan to meet in person for the first time in November at the Trustee Conference run by National Council for Voluntary Organisatons (NCVO), where they’ll learn about topical issues.

About Aniridia Network

A charity support group for people with the genetic visual impairment aniridia and their families in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is that people with/associated with aniridia are hopeful, confident, supported and well informed regarding aniridia. Founded in 2000. First registered as a charity in 2011 and fully in 2018.
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