Combating overhaning branches

Rose bush in a front garden with one branch extending across the entire footpath

I posted my letter and reported this plant to the council. Within a few days it was gone.

I’ve got an idea in my head to do something about plants that obstruct the pavement.

I’m fed up with ducking, flinching or actually getting scratched by the branches or leaves of things growing in people’s front gardens. That’s my feeling and I can often see the plants coming or else get yanked out the way by my wife! It must be a lot worse for people with less sight and by themselves.

I took a look online and suprised to find so little about the issue. There are a few council’s guidelines encouraging housefold to keep their greenery in check. Is it only me who this really annoys? I don’t believe it.

So what’s to be done? I’m thinking we need a template letter that we can carry copies of around with us. We can put one through the letterbox of houses that have plants which dangerously encroaching on the footpath. I’ve produced one myself but if it were endorsed by the likes of the Guide Dog’s Streets Ahead campaign so much the better.
Here’s my draft letter.

Dear resident

I am a person with a visual impairment. I was going past your home today.

Because I could not see it, I walked in to the plant that is growing from your garden into the footpath area. It was a sudden, frightening and disorientating experience. I (could have) recieved injuries to my face too.

I would be very grateful if you would cut your plant so that it does not pose a danger to me and the many other people who are blind and visually impaired. It would also make the footpath easier to walk along for everyone, especially people with buggies or in groups.

Yours faithfully


What do you reckon? How about a national campaign?

Please feel free to take the text and use it yourself. I guess the problem is are you brave enough to approach the house and post it?!

If you don’t fancy such direct action you can report footpath obstructions to the local council. Use the website or the mobile app to report problems easily.
Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Combating overhaning branches

  1. Paul says:

    I have the same problem walking up and down a street to get to a bus for work and back home. Found a way around it though. It’s mostly overhanging branches from bloody trees and also sometimes cars are parked halfway on the pavement, which doesn’t help the situation either.

  2. Hi Paul. Well you could try using the template letter above or report it to the council. Best of luck. Let us know if it works.

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