1st European Conference on Aniridia: Day 2

Saturday was full of presentations from various doctors and researchers.

Professor van Heyningen gave two talks about the genetic aspects of aniridia. This included looking at the full range of the effects of PAX6 mutation, plus aniridia without PAX6 mutations and what issues are actually caused or modified by other genes.

Dr Simpson described her investigation on aniridia gene therapy – a method to overcome PAX6 mutations so that the body can behave more normally.

Several people spoke about aniridic keratopathy, its cause of defective limbal stem cells, the pros and cons of current surgical treatments and potential medical approaches. The ideas of researcher Dr Lauderdale sounded particularly good.

In the evening there was a banquet. Three yummy courses were interspersed with speeches recognising the support of the conference sponsors and the long term hard work on aniridia of Hilde and Rosa at national and European levels. Afterwards we were treated to piano playing and singing in Norwegian, Swedish and English including a rendition of Scarborough Fair.

Use the links at the top or bottom of this article to read about the other days at the conference.

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