1st European Conference on Aniridia: Arrival

I like visiting other cities and I decided it was time to get a more international angle and more medical knowledge on aniridia. So I’ve come to the 1st European Aniridia Conference in Oslo.

This evening I left work and went to Gatwick. Before long I was enjoying the novelty of free wifi at 10,000ft over the North Sea courtesy of budget airline Norwegian.

All the wood in Oslo airport was beautiful. Even the high speed train into the centre had wooden armrests, panelling and luggage racks. It all has that sense of Scandinavian quiet natural expectation and realisation of quality.

As I’m only here for three nights I thought I should get a immediate sense of the city. So I decided to be brave and walk from the station to the hotel. Anywhere unfamiliar at quarter past midnight is going to feel a bit unsettling. But I could see it was a nice clean city with plenty of life.

I found the hotel and was delighted to hear that the bar was still open. So here I am enjoying a beer in the 21st floor sky bar, looking out at the pretty lights of the city. I wonder if any of those around me are here for conference too? I put that question on Twitter and Facebook but no response. Still it gives me a chance to write this blog post.

The conference kicks of tomorrow at 12:30. It’s mainly doctors and researchers presenting to each other. I hope it won’t be too jargon filled as to be unintelligible to a non-doctor. There’s free wifi here too. So keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for live updates.

I’m also looking forward to putting faces to the many names in the world of aniridia. People like Jill and Rosa plus Dr Lauderdale and Professors Moore and van Heyningen. Aniridia Network UK Chair Katie is here too, largely in her Aniridia Europe board member capacity. I’ll be interested in hearing how that organisation is shaping up from all those involved.

I hope to find some time for sightseeing while I’m here as well. While I don’t expect the conference to be a dead parrot, I am in the Norwegian Radisson Blu and am pining for the fijords!

Use the links at the top or bottom of this article to read about the other days at the conference.

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  1. Hi great readingg your blog

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