James’s introduction

Photo of James wearing sunglasses

James, July 2010

I’m James, a born (1979) and bred Londoner. I have sporadic aniridia. I’m married to Zoe and work as a web developer. Good causes are my passion. I’ve worked and volunteered for several charities and community organisations. This now includes being a trustee for Aniridia Network UK.

While I am partially sighted my vision (6/24 6/36) seems to be better than many of the people who have aniridia that I’ve met. Having had a squint operation when I was 3, aside from some nystagmus and several bouts of conjunctivitis I’ve thankfully not had any other complications.

The only mobility/low vision aid I use nowadays is a 8×20 extra short focus monocular. As a result I’m treated by everyone as having normal sight – which is nice but is sometimes problematic too. I’ve always loved having my monocular for reading bus numbers and watching live entertainment etc. It’s a useful talking point too because using it shows what I can and can’t see.

I could write lots more but I’ll leave it for future posts on particular topics.

If anyone is in London and would like to meet up to talk about aniridia please get in touch by email or leaving a comment below.

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