Beth@NIH 7: Occupational therapy and hearing

So Josiah took off all the glue from my head with something that reminded me of nail polish remover. My hair was soaked and horrible and all the stickers on my face had to come off too. While this was happening the nurse decided it would be a great time to come and take my vital signs. Having your blood pressure taken is just what you want at 6am when they are scrubbing your head to get the glue off! lol Then they wondered why I was in a hurry to get downstairs.

I was taken down and then I begged to go to the lodge and get a hair wash, a shower and some clean clothes as I felt awful on only 3 hours sleep (Josiah told me). They made me wee as I had started 24 urine collection. I escaped and had the most wondeful 3 hair washes and one conditioner and a looong shower. I then got a latte and a danish pastry for breakfast from ‘Bon au Pain’ as I’m not keen on the breakfast here. Bon au pain trainslates as ‘good of bread’ which makes no sense at all! I felt human and came back over to the ward so I could go to occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapy was interesting, Terri is lovely and has some good ideas. I found a magnifier I really liked with a flat lens. I have decided I can’t cope with a curved one due to my nystagmus. We also tried some rose tinted glasses and I think if I could find a ‘trendy’ pair I would wear them inside as they increase contrast by taking away the glare but the ones which aren’t as dark don’t make everything look pink. We discussed tints and we also discussed monoculars. There is one stronger than mine but it has a smaller visual field. This may be better for me in some ways but worse in others. I can see the letters better however I will only be able to focus on a tiny bit at one time which is really difficult with my nystagmus.

I had lunch and went to audiology. I have text book inner ears and ear drums! My ears can echo sounds that children’s ears can’t! However when they then came to test for what I’m guessing was the Central Auditory Processing Disorder I found it very difficult to do the tests which didn’t have meaning (e.g. numbers) so I couldn’t record it in my head and play it back (Kind of like photographic memory). I then had one of my classic ‘funny do’s’ and although know one said it out loud they did say ‘You know you had trouble hearing at school and your hearing tests came back normal that’s why we are trying to help you.’ people who came to help also said ‘Do you think it’s?’ and she said ‘Yes, it’s classic signs.’. Anyway fast acting lorazapam worked a treat and after a lie down I was ready to go and meet Shari and Amy.

Shari and Amy kindly took me out to dinner. It was really nice to meet Amy after seeing her on youtube and it was lovely to meet Shari after spending ages last week talking to her on the phone. She has been a lifeline just having someone to talk to. Dinner was amazing especially the lemonade cocktail and it was lucky I had my passport as I got ID’d. I was expecting it since you have to be 21 to drink here and it is a little less offensive than looking 18! lol I had to have cheesecake to go (chocolate chip cookie dough). Amy did a fantastic job of finding Gamestop for me and helping me with my money to buy Graham his game. I think she enjoyed practicing for her mobility lesson. I also got M&Ms and some melatonin as it is very difficult to get in the UK.

It was a lovely evening and I think I will frame one of the photo’s of Amy and I when Shari sends them to me.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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