Beth@NIH 6: P is for pictures

P is for pictures

There is nothing like spending an hour in the MRI scanner trying to keep still and not being able to move to make you all achey. Apparently I had the wiggles on one set of pictures and I think that’s probably because I jumped at one point as I was dosing off and the machine started off again loudly! Anyway the good news is I do have a brain folks. 🙂

P is for pain (or lack of it)

I did the sensory testing today and I found it strange that my tolerance to cold is much greater than my tolerance to heat. I wonder if this is because I come from a cold country? I didn’t feel any pain with the cold at all but I did feel some pain with the heat. I think my pain threshold was quite high so it will be interesting to see the results.

P is for purple

I went up to the 7th floor for my EEG, the glue was smelly and I hate sticky stuff anyway so it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Part of the test is that they do strobe light testing and even with my eyes closed the light was awful and I was left with residual colours for quite some time afterwards particularly yellow and green. I had my wires wrapped up in an attractive purple ponytail and to add to the look I had a hat put on so I looked like I was one of the seven dwarfs (or people of short stature if I am going to be politically correct). I have one photo which I will put on facebook when I get home. I got to wear my attractive hat all the way through tea and into the evening when I went up to the sleep study.

When the EEG lady had said ‘a couple more wires’ I thought she only meant one or two not my whole face covered in sticky stuff! They test for snoring, sleep apnoea, teeth grinding, eye movements, restless leg syndrome, breathing as well as looking at your brain waves. So as you can imagine I was wires galore! You do get used to the sensation of all the stuff after a while especially the electrodes on your head but the face stuff wasn’t easy to get used to. At this point I wasn’t feeling amused enough to take a picture. Poor Josiah the tech had to disconnect me three times so I could nip to the loo which is something I have to do every night. Although my sleep was poorer than it usually is it followed the pattern of falling asleep first thing waking up after a few hours going to the loo and then staying awake until about 5am when I go back to sleep and dream.

Unfortunately they woke me up at 6am…….I’ll finish that tomorrow after all 6am was this morning and you only get one blog a day! The interesting thing about my sleep is I think naturally I would probably sleep from 4-7pm and then from 5-12noon if I didn’t have to adhere to the normal cycle. Probably why I am tired all the time.

I know when I was poorly and off work for a few months I would often have a nap late afternoon and sleep first thing in the morning until lunchtime and I often have this pattern at the weekend although one of those nights I usually sleep a full 15 hours. I’ll be interested to see if it is just a melatonin issue or whether I have something like sleep apnoea from my weight.

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I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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