Beth@NIH 4: Food

I got up early on Friday and headed over to the ward. I ordered my breakfast and the nurse asked for a phlebotomist to come and take my bloods this was at 8.15am. My breakfast arrived at 9am but I couldn’t eat it until I’d had my fasting bloods taken. I waited and waited and then Jamilla came to take me to my MRI. It was long and hard to keep still and concentrate on breathing in and out when you feel hungry! The phlebotomist had caught up with us at the mri waiting room and told us to come along after. The MRI people were supposed to do my ankle but theyn decided they didn’t have time as I had a dental appointment.

We headed off to get my bloods done, they lost all the bottles which had been labelled and placed on the system as been taken so they couldn’t pull any new ones off! After a while they found them and I gave lots of blood. I was given a ridiculously large pink bandage. You wouldn’t get that on the NHS. lol

On the way back I bought coffee and a muffin incase my breakfast was awful and we rang Shannon to see about going to dental. By this time it was 12noon and she cancelled it and re-arranged for next week. My breakfast was cold so I ate my cereal and muffin and coffee and then the nurse was telling me off for not eating it or ordering new food!

I then had a psych appointment with a lovely irish man and during it I was asked to go for my ankle MRI. We arranged to meet back an hour later to conclude.

The MRI for my ankle was more comfortable with a full tummy but the guy was bemused by me being there again. I told him he’d see me again for Monday when I have my brain done! At least I didn’t need to wear paper scrubs the second time as they are a little bit chilly. They do give you a blanket when you are laid down. All I could see was the ceilling lights and the siemens logo (who knew Siemens made MRI machines!).

We went back up but they wanted us out of the ward so the psych had a quick chat and said they’d see me on Monday. My visitors Porky and Pam had arrived.

We headed off to get something to eat and after walking out of an expensive mongolian BBQ and failing to find the Pizza Hut listed on the sat nav we were directed by locals to a place that does ‘White pizza’ called the Pines of Rome. It is a little Italian place run by proper Italians. The pizza was lovely and very, very italian. Porky and Pam had never had proper pizza before. Then we headed to a cookie shop to get some desert. It was amazing and had baskets of themed cookies like wedding, twilight, birthday etc. I took some photos as it was such a bright colourful shop and the cookies were lovely.

Porky and Pam went home and I spend some time in the kitchen talking to people and surfing on the net.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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2 Responses to Beth@NIH 4: Food

  1. Craig Anyon says:

    They seem very disorganised down there at the NIH, especially catering, If I end up going I won’t be putting up with that too much before I put a rocket up their arse’s :), If I don’t I have no doubt my mum will.

    • Beth Laskey says:

      Hi Craig,

      The food is fine as they let you know roughly a time that it takes for it to arrive which is 45 minutes or more at busy times so you need to be organised about ordering.

      The problem was that they needed fasting bloods off me and I couldn’t eat until someone had taken them. The nurse is supposed to do these but didn’t and then the phlebotomist took too long to come and do them so we had to go to them.

      Any problems Shannon sorts them out straight away and you don’t need to jump up and down as she is lovely and will talk to the staff for you.

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