Beth@NIH 2: Admission day

I woke up feeling a lot brighter and set off to the hospital to be admitted at 7.15am. It is only a 2 minute walk to the hospital from the lodge and I get the feeling you are supposed to just cross the road and hope the cars will stop. It’s not a busy road but it is very wide. It was very humid and the sun was already very bright despite it being so early but I loved listening to the crickets.

A lovely man helped me find the admission desk and I waited for half an hour but they couldn’t find me so they had to page Shannon to get my details. I decided I was hungry and thirsty so I asked where I could get something to eat. I sniffed out the coffee shop in the lobby and had a latte and a chocolate chip cookie muffin as working out what all the pastries were was difficult. I finally got admitted and had a pass made etc. Some of the staff find it really difficult to understand my accent though so I had to spell lots of things for them like Wallsend and Newcastle. Dr Han came in and had a chat she is such a lovely woman and then Shannon came to take me up to my room. She is also very lovely and so is the volunteer whose name escapes me for the moment!

Each morning I have to be weighed, have my height and arm span measured so we did that and then I went to ECG to check my heart was ok. The guy was very chatty.

My next appointment was with rehab and I saw the Dr and the physiotherapist. They examined my legs as I am very tight all over and I have a swollen right tendon. I also have flat feet which is worse on the left side. Apart from that the rest of my body is normal physically. They asked if I walked on my toes which I said I didn’t think I did but I text my mum and she said I did until I was 4 years old! So much for walking ‘normally’which she had always told me I had! It turns out that all my problems are due to toe walking when I was younger and I run on my toes which is causing my muscles to be tight and my tendon to be swollen. They are going to MRI my ankle (if I can get a slot as there is a waiting list) and check to see that I have not got a tear as they are worried I may rupture my tendon if I carry on as I am. I have another appointment today to look at my insoles, when to stretch and when not to stretch etc. The things I have been told to do to help are: Loose weight (I know I need to do that anyway) and to do less impact exercise so cycling, cross trainer and swimming in particular to keep my cardio vascular fitness but decrease the pressure on my tendons and ankles. I also need to learn to know when not to stretch and when to stretch. They don’t think it will go away as it is a long term problem but it may help if I change my running style. How I do that I’m not quite sure!

My second appointment was a pelvic ultrasound to check my womb and ovaries. You have to drink a lot for these and it took me back to my childhood when I had to have them to check for wilms tumour. Bursting for the loo and they press hard looking. The Dr was very impressed and kept commenting on how beautiful the pictures were since I had drunk so much water. I never thought I would be told I had beautiful pictures of my ovaries! lol! It turns out that my ovaries are small but this may be to do with the contraceptive implant and they may increase in size once I stop it. Dr Han needs to look at the research about this to find out. Very interesting.

Dr Han and another Dr came to do a physical examination to check for scoliosis, body hair and look at my glands etc. The other Dr then asked me about my medical history which was hard going when I was talking about my mental health.

I stayed to eat tea here and then I went back to the lodge and explored. They have a yamaha grand piano which I went and played. I think I will take my Faure singing book down and have a play/sing. I also got talking to some people in the kitchen. A guy from canada who had been to Newcastle as his dad grew up in Middlesbrough and was an engineer and ship builder. He moved to Canada in the 40s to continue building ships. He still has family who live near Middlesbrough.

I also rang Shari and had a lovely chat to her and I am going to call her tomorrow so we can sort out meeting up which will be lovely. I can’t wait to meet her and Amy.

I felt quite homesick again and was missing Graham terribly and was quite tearful but I think that was the tiredness and I am probably a bit jet lagged.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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