Youth With Aniridia In Europe summer camp

Italian flat farm land with a large hill in the background

The Euganean Hills in Veneto.
Photo by Philip Brown

A summer camp in north east Italy for young people with aniridia across Europe is being organised, and you can be involved in this exciting event.

The camp will be in summer 2015, in a national park, in the Venetia region of Italy. Lasting up to 16 days it will include walking in the hills, watersports in the lakescity day trips and social activities.

There are 48 places for people aged between 13 and 25 years old from Norway, Germany Italy Spain and the UK. They will be looked after by at least 2 adults from each country.

Costs have yet to be determined but will at least be heavily reduced thanks to €86,000 (£71,000) of funding secured by Aniridia Europe and Aniridi Norway.

If you might like to go as a young person or supervising adult fill in the form below to express your interest.

To prepare for the camp there will be a 5 day planning and reconnaissance event in June 2014 in the Italian city of Padua. One adult and one young person from each country are invited to this. So volunteers are urgently needed!

To get a flavour of what is expected you can read the draft programmes for the planning event and main camp.

Fill out this form to get more information.

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