Evening event at Conference 2018

After Conference 2018 delegates are invited to a optional sport and social evening. We will need to go to another venue for. Details of ticket prices and travel arrangements will be announced soon.

The sport part will be taster session of goalball for anyone aged 6 years old or more. We hope people with aniridia and sighted relatives will all give it go and enjoy playing together. If you don’t want to play, you can just watch and socialise. Becky from Goalball UK will be teaching the roughly 2 hour session.

Afterwards we intend to have food and time to chat.


Goalball is played by two teams of three people, who are blindfolded, so visually impaired and sighted can all take part equally.

The object of the game is to score a goal by bowling a ball along the floor so that it crosses the goal line of the opposing team. The defending team has to stop the ball by blocking it with their bodies, typically by laying on the ground. The ball is the same size as a basketball but twice the weight and contains internal bells, to help know where it is. The court has tactile markings for orientation and is a similar size to a volleyball or basketball court