Getting to Resource For London

From central London

  1. Get the London Underground Piccadilly Line north/eastbound towards Cockfosters. 
  2. The second stop north of Kings Cross is Holloway Road. It has lifts to get to the surface.
  3. Come out of the lift and turn right for the exit barriers.
Fire equipment Holloway Road Underground Station

The Aniridia Network UK representative will be waiting here. Click the picture to enlarge it

If you want assistance getting to the venue, one of our volunteers can guide you. They will be holding an Aniridia Network UK sign, straight ahead on the other side of the exit barriers by the fire point.  They will leave promptly at 9:15am to take any one who is there to the venue. If you do not need assistance you can go straight there by yourself.

From Holloway Road Underground Station

Here are instructions for getting from the station to the venue – Resource For London:

  1. From Holloway Road Underground Station, mind the step at the exit and immediately turn left.
    Straight ahead is a railway bridge going over the road.

    A railway bridge over a dual carriage way

    Walk under this railway bridge

  2. Walk under this bridge and continue for about 4 or 5 minutes until you get to a pedestrian crossing to cross the road you are walking along.
    There is a large former cinema with a distinctive spire on the other side of the road.

    Pedestrian crossing with former cinema in the background

    Use this staggered pedestrian crossing to get to the other side of the road

  3. Use the pedestrian crossing. Be aware that there is an island in the centre of the road. It has no barriers and the crossing does NOT continue straight ahead. Turn right down the island a few steps to reach the crossing for the second half of the road. It has its own buttons to stop the traffic.
  4. Once on the other side of the road turn left to go past the former cinema which is now a JD Wetherspoon pub.
  5. A couple of doorways later is the entrance to Resource For London, the conference venue,  There are cafe tables and chairs inside.
    If you reach the entrance to Waitrose you have gone too far, its the door way just before one.
  6. Inside on the left is the Resource For London reception. Go past this to the second desk to register for the conference.

After registration

  1. Go up the stairs the left and behind the desk. At the top turn left and go through the doors.
  2. Turn immediately right through another set of doors. This is the conference exhibition hall.
    Straight ahead will be the Aniridia Network information desk. Please visit here to have your contact details checked.
    Doors to toilets are behind you and on the far end wall at each corner.
Large wooden panelled and floored room with a large counter in the centre

The conference exhibition hall and Aniridia Network information desk

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