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Testing if drugs can improve cornea regeneration

By researcher Martin Collinson Aniridia, caused by mutation in the so-called eye ‘master regulator gene’, PAX6, can impact on vision in several ways. In addition to the absence or near-absence of the iris, people with aniridia are at high risk … Continue reading

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Cure for aniridia under spotlight

A new study has suggested potential eyedrop therapy for aniridia. Is the hype justified and what are the details? Aniridia is a genetic abnormality caused by mutations in the so-called ‘Master Regulator’ gene for eye development, PAX6.  Because PAX6 is … Continue reading

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Cornea tattoos

Recent press and meeting reports  have described corneal tattooing as a potential solution for poor vision caused by injuries to or disease of the iris, up to and including total aniridia. It is probably important to realise at the start that corneal tattooing … Continue reading

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