Aniridia Day 21 June 2019

On this year’s day for improving understanding of aniridia around the world, we want you to focus on possibilities:

  1. tell everyone what it is possible to do with a visual impairment
  2. come together to show there are similar people nearby
  3. fundraise and volunteer to enable us to hold a massive event next year

Whatever you do, do it in style: go online to order branded clothing and other merchandise from the new Aniridia Day shop or Aniridia Network shop. All sales raise money for science on aniridia.

Baseball cap with Aniridia Day logo on white with black peak and sidesT-shirt with aniridia logo, white with navy sleaves and collarMessenger bag with Aniridia Day logo


Woman rock climbing

What Jessica #CanDoWithAniridia

On social media on Friday 21 June, share a photo/video with an explanation that shows what can be done as a job, hobby, sport or education – while living with aniridia.

Tag your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook posts with: #CanDoWithAniridia and @AniridiaDay
On Facebook: join and post in the public Aniridia Day group.

Like, comment on and share what others post too.

Meeting up

Gathering with others living with aniridia is lots of fun. Take the initiative: tell us when and where Aniridia Network members should go to chat with you and we’ll advertise it to those nearby.

Ideally events take place on Aniridia Day but other dates are good too.

The following meet-ups have already been arranged, please go along or organise one of your own:

5 people with aniridia around a pub table

London meet-up on Aniridia Day 2018


Aniridia Network is hosting the European Aniridia Conference 2020 in London.

It will bring together the world’s top aniridia doctors and researchers to improve treatments. The benefits will be felt by all patients worldwide, through the impact of clinical guidelines, scientific articles, and research projects.

We urgently need £40,000 to make it possible to bring together world top aniridia doctors and researchers to improve treatments.. Please do something to help reach that target such as:


There are many possible ways to give practical help to Aniridia Network. Please consider the skills you currently have or would like to develop that would be useful. Contact us to discuss how to you can be involved.

About Aniridia Network

A charity support group for people with the genetic visual impairment aniridia and their families in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is that people with/associated with aniridia are hopeful, confident, supported and well informed regarding aniridia. Founded in 2000. First registered as a charity in 2011 and fully in 2018.
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