Melatonin and sleep

Katie has recorded some points about melatonin, a supplement which some people with aniridia and other conditions use to aid their sleep.

Note: Katie referred to the pituitary gland when she meant the pineal gland.

Jenny has previously told her story about trying to obtain melatonin in the UK.

As an update Jenny says “It’s hard to find the right dosage balance – I know this from personal experience and from parents of children with WAGR/11p deletion syndrom (they didn’t find it effective at first, until they tweaked the dosage, and some had to lower it).”

“I find 3mg isn’t enough and 5mg is too much. That’s with melatonin obtained from America. So the neurologist I saw suggested taking 2x 2mg. That’s why I take circardine mainly because it does come in 2mg doses in is slow release.”

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