Edinburgh guide dog training: Days 4 and 5

I have been overly excited about big busies, little busies and meal times. On day 4 Anne had two big busies, some little busies and ate most of her breakfast but only a quarter of her tea. On day 5 she ate none of her breakfast but has just eaten all of her tea and after 24 hours did a little busy and a big busy. She gets lots of praise when she goes in the run but they key is not to get wound up about it. The more stressed out you get the more they seem to sense it. I have had spending issues with Sandie and Connie so I am very at ease with it and just go with the flow.

Day 4 started with me grooming Annie and getting half a dog off her again. She looked so shiny afterwards though. Then we went for a walk in the same area that we went yesterday but it was busier because it was Saturday and a bit later on in the morning. I felt more confident with the commands but I am still having to think about what I am doing a lot when doing them. Annie worked well although she did try to look at going to the beach on a few occassions. We also came accross to parked cars where there wasn’t enough room to go through so she had to do a turn and work her way around the back of the cars and on to the pavement.

Before lunch we went to Asda, without the dogs, and I bought a new top. It was a toss up between a vest top with crowns on it and a t shirt that said ‘Keep Calm and have a cupcake’. It was nice to get out of the hotel too, although the room is nice and I have things to do I am not used to being stuck somewhere.

In the afternoon we walked along the promenade where there wer lots of people and dogs about. We worked on slowing down and I had to be on my toes because Annie kept trying to go to every entrance to the beach. Considering the temptation I think she did very well.

At just after 6 I made my way to reception where I met Connie and Jane who was Connie’s puppy walker and has taken Connie back to live with her. Connie went crazy when she saw me and was jumping and crying. I was pleased that she had put on all the weight she lost when she was poorly. We took her down the beach where I was pleased to see she got up to mischief stealing other dogs balls and trying to run off with my long cane. After the walk I went and got a bowl and Annie and we sat outside the front of the hotel. Both girls were pleased to meet each other but Annie was very good and listened to me when I told her to sit down. They laid down nicely together on the floor. During the visit Connie kept remembering I was there and getting really excited again. It was lovely to see her so happy and I can’t wait until I can free run them both together so they can have a play.

Today we only did a half day, we did some off kerb obstacles using the roadworks round the corner from the hotel. I found it relatively easy when the obstacles were on my right and road on my left but it was more difficult in the opposite direction. I need to concentrate on keeping her pace very slow and really notice where my body is in relation to her. We went to Pets At Home and I bought a raised feeding station, a tug toy and a platted cow soft toy. We have only had the tug toy out so far but that went down well. I went to the gym and had a coffee in the bar and now Annie is sleeping on her bed.

I’m really starting to see signs that Annie is beginning to bond. Every time I come in the room she grabs a toy and parades round and her whole body wags. She has also laid on her back so I can stroke her belly and has come to sit next to me to be stroked if I sit on the floor.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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1 Response to Edinburgh guide dog training: Days 4 and 5

  1. Avril and Alex Pearson says:

    It sounds as though it is all going so well Beth .. Well done to you and Annie for working sp well together. I love reading your blogs. Avril and Alex. Xxxx

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