Beth@NIH 10: More blood and discharge

Group photo

Subu, Dr Jee, Shannon, Me, Joan and Mark at NIH outside my room in the Metabolic Unit

Mary got me up at 5.30am to wee but unfortunately I lack the ability to do this on command so they had to wait until 8am! lol! I had to rest in bed until 7.30 when Shannon came to put the oxygen hood on. She said she tells the little kids they are going to ‘Go to space.’ It was a very boring test.

I then had to drink the very expensive ‘heavy’ water and some normal water. It tasted quite metalic but it wasn’t unpleasant.

I then moved back to the ward and they tried my IV which was put in the night before and it would not work. My nurse rang downstairs and I got an appointment so they could get IV access using ultrasound. The lady was really quick and found a nice big vain. She also gave me a pink bandage to match my jama top.

We then started the glucose test which had one nurse pumping the dextrose in and the other nurse taking the blood. For the first half an hour it is pretty manic and you feel like an object rather than a person having so much done to you. It got a bit easier and I watched a bit of Glee on my Ipad to keep me amused.

I had to get up between blood draws to wee at specific intervals for the heavy water test. That was not easy as the nurse kept nagging me to go which made things worse! He was a bit worried I might faint in the toilet again.

After the tests were finished I had to leave one IV in in case opthalmology didn’t get their blood. I ordered lunch and the very concerned nurse told me that pizza and cookies meant I wasn’t eating well. I told him I didn’t like the food (which is true). I can’t wait to get home and have some shepherds pie and baked beans and jacket potato and museli!

Dr Han, Dr Ghee and Shannon came at 1.30pm to give me my tree of paper with all the results back so far. We had a good chat and during the chat nephrology rang about my kidney results which changed a few things in her report. I will list the current results in a separate post. I let the guy who was shadowing look at my eye and he was very impressed as he had never looked in anyone’s eye’s before (he looked at Dr Han’s and then mine). We had a group photo and everyone gave me a hug goodbye. I felt rather sad to be leaving everyone including the ward staff who are the people who you see on a day to day basis and make sure you can get food and get to your appointments etc.I left and went to drop my things off and took a ride on the metro to Friendship Heights where I went to Starbucks and finally spoke to Graham and my parents on skype which was lovely even though Graham did make me do the Tesco order while I was on the phone. I had some pasta at the cheesecake factory and finally managed to get my way back to the clinical center where security helped me get rid of my pennies (which went to the Children’s Inn) and get on the shuttle back here.

About Beth Dawes

I have no eye colour but I do have an iPad, a guide dog called Annie and a pink long cane.
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