Aniridia Network UK

We are a support group and charity concerned with the rare genetic condition aniridia – which causes a lack of irises (the coloured ring) in the eyes and poor vision from birth.

For over 10 years Aniridia Network UK has been helping people with aniridia as well as their families, doctors and teachers to be hopeful, confident, supported and well informed about aniridia and related issues. For more details read about us.

Take a (No) #IrisSelfie for rare disease aniridia

Sarah's eyes with no irisesRaise awareness of aniridia and funds for people who have it and research treatments.

Post a photo online of your eye, WITH OR WITHOUT an iris. Alongside donate to your favourite aniridia charity. Encourage friends and family to do the same. Read more about the #IrisSelfie campaign.


Reception desk at Conference 2013Our next conference will be in Newcastle in autumn 2015. It is a chance to hear from and ask questions in person to people interested in aniridia –

Our last conference was in Bristol. Watch the videos of the presentations and questions and answer session :

If only we’d known…

A parent says what they wish they’d known when they found out their baby had aniridia:

“If only I’d known what a happy, NORMAL child he would be, with such a love for life, and absolutely no idea he has any limitations at all.” – Laura, mum to Josh


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