How we spend the money you raise?

It is important to us that our members, donors and fundraisers understand how we use the money they have raised. Even though we are a small organisation we still have regular running costs, these include:

  • Annual meeting: To organise a meeting we need to hire a room and provide lunch and refreshments. Typically to hire a room to accomodate 30  people and provide the cheapest catering option available costs at least £500. We also think it is only fair to cover the travel expenses of speakers who give up their spare time to come and speak at our meetings.
  • Newsletter: We send out our newsletter by email wherever possible to reduce costs but of course not everyone has access to the internet. We print and post our newsletters to any members who require this service.
  • Website: We have designed and made the website ourselves using the tools provided free by wordpress. The website is our main tool for reaching potential new members looking for support so we have paid for the address to make our website memorable and easy to find when searching the internet.

There are also many more things we would like to do if we can raise more money, these include:

  • Annual Meeting: We would like to make our annual meeting bigger and better, perhaps streching over two days to include more social time, activities for the children and childcare. We would like to make it free to attend and perhaps subsidise the costs of travel and accomodation to ensure the meeting is open to everyone.
  • More regular meetings/activities: We would like to give our members more opportunities to meet and support each other. We hope to organise smaller get togethers more local to members.
  • Information leaflets: We would like to provide clear and accurate information to aniridia patients and their parents about aniridia itself and living with the condition. We also want to ensure all doctors have accurate information about the condition and how to treat it.

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