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If you have an interest in aniridia and you live in the UK or Republic of Ireland, you should be part of Aniridia Network It’s free and provides specialised support for you or someone you care for such as a relative, patient or student.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • You will gain further knowledge and understanding of aniridia, useful when dealing with situations, for example at doctors, school or work
  • You can help others by contributing your experiences and knowledge
  • You can also be in touch with others to get or give friendly personal support.
  • And you could be one of our great volunteers, actively strengthening our caring community and authoritative resources

Plus you will:

  • receive our email updates to hear about our meet-ups and other aniridia related information via our mailing list.
  • get a personal invitation to our conference and meet-ups which include:
    • professional speakers
    • question and answer sessions
    • time for private or group discussions
    • socialising with others in our community
  • If you join as a Member you’ll be able to vote at our meetings and stand in elections to decide how our group is run.

How do I join?

Fill in the online registration form
If you are unable to complete the online form for whatever reason contact us to discuss an alternative.

All the information we ask for is so we can provide you and others with the most useful services possible. If your contact details change please let us know. We will not share your details with any other organisations.

What if I don’t join?

If you don’t want to be part of our community, we would appreciate feedback so we can consider the reasons. Would donating or fundraising suit you better?

Anyone is welcome to follow us via this website, our Facebook page and Twitter. You can also join the Aniridia Family group on Facebook. But you will not be able to use our other services. You can join at any time.

How else can I help?

To provide our services takes time and effort. Please volunteer to do something to help us out..

More funds would enable us to produce hardcopy resources, hold additional events and travel to work with people more effectively. It would help us greatly if you could send us a donation (regularly). All amounts will be very gratefully received.

You could also help by raising money for us. This could be proceeds from organising an event, selling something or a sponsored activity. Please visit our fundraising page for more information.

I do not live in the UK or Ireland, can I join?

No, sorry. Our meetings are all held in the UK and the information we produce is based around the medical, education and welfare systems in the UK. We make a special case for Ireland as a neighbouring English speaking country. We do allow expatriates who joined whist living in these countries to continue as Members/Supporters via online channels.

So if you live elsewhere we recommend that you join an aniridia association in your own country or the international organisations. If there is not an association in your country and you live in Europe then the existing European networks may be able to help you start an one.

But wherever you live you are welcome to follow us via this website, Facebook page and Twitter. We also recommend joining the Aniridic Family group on Facebook where lots of great questions, answers and discussions take place.

4 Responses to Join us

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  3. Alison Romanov-Von-Reuss says:

    Looking forward to receiving emails about my daughters condition

  4. Jill says:

    Hi guys, my daughter lacey Hallowell has aniridia she’s 15, im a counsellor and im doing some research about how as parents we were supported and how it has changed advice info available over the years, i would appreciate any input and my email address if anyone could kindly send me there email so I can send you a questionnaire about the subject please.

    Kind Regards Jill

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