Just when you thought it was all over

To list list: 1. Conference (crossed out) 2. Conference follow up 3. Everything elseYou’d think that after Saturday’s excellent conference we can all relax. Well yes one big to do list is in the bin but I’ve just written another one. Here it is:

  • Create the online feedback survey and emailed it out to all the delegates.
  • Edit the conference web pages into using the past tense.
  • Write to speakers and stallholders thanking them for coming
  • Write to all the volunteers thanking them for their efforts
  • Update contacts database with who attended
  • Pay invoices to for the tandems, VI cricket and food
  • Organise debrief session or organising team to learn lessons
  • Write up volunteering pledges and pass on to relevant team leaders for follow up
  • Publish AGM minutes once written by Sarah/Anthony
  • Remind delegates to fill in feedback survey.

And here are somethings it would be incredible if YOU could help with. Do you or anyone you know have the ability to assist with:

  • collating, crop etc and publish on Flickr the photos by the different people who took pictures
  • editing the video/audio recordings from the 2015 ad 2016 conferences
  • adding text snippets to the draft page on Storify
  • analysing and reporting on the feedback survey results
  • writing a blog post describing what a great day it was.

If not, who is going to do those things?

That’s only my post-conference related list of tasks . For me and the rest of the ANUK volunteers our basic roles continue too as well as the rest of our lives and jobs. There are no staff in our charity..

That’s why we need your help to share the task of help people be hopeful, confident, supported and well informed regarding aniridia

Oh and of course there’s starting to plan how you can make the event that you’d like to see, happen…

See all the ways you can get involved and contact us.


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