Unveiling the aniridia visor

Because of aniridia, on sunny days or even overcast days when its ‘glarey’ I often wear sun glasses and/or a baseball hat to keep the brightness of the sky out of my eyes. But that is only half the problem! The pavement is also often too bright as it reflects light from above. I am still often screwing my eyes up and squinting just because of the bright grey floor. I have solution – I just need a tailor to make it a reality. I give you the ‘aniridia visor’

Profile and frontal sketch view of aniridia visor on a persons head

Appologies for my lack of drawing ability

You could describe it as a two baseball caps put together!
Such a garment would give me a slit so I could look straight ahead without being dazzled by the floor or the sky.

I would look like a duck though – that’s the downside! Maybe I’m just quackers?

What do you think?

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